Telemedicine now available! Nearly every insurance company is now covering Telehealth visits. No insurance? My sliding scale still applies. Please contact me to discuss payment options. It’s always been important to me that people are able to afford the healthcare they need and deserve.

During a Telehealth visit, we can discuss lifestyle suggestions (including diet and exercise recommendations) and acupressure points you can stimulate yourself to address your unique condition. I can prescribe herbs to be sent via mail. Herbal prescriptions can help with both chronic conditions that you’ve been coming to acupuncture for and anything new that might be happening, whether it’s anxiety or depression due to or worsened by our current situation or in the event that you contract an illness and want support beyond Western medicine. Bastyr Dispensary is still mailing herbs via FedEx and there are some other herbs-by-mail options that are operating as well.

Some gentle suggestions:

  • Step away from your screens regularly. Go outside for walks daily as you’re able. Stay close to home and away from people and always wear a mask when you leave your house. Avoid areas like Green Lake where people are still a bit too dense for my physically-distancing comfort. If you can’t leave the house for any reason, there is a ton of content available on the internet to exercise and meditate for all ages and abilities. A few websites my family has been using that are free or by donation/optional subscription:
  • When you find yourself reading about Corona Virus, always check the source of any article you read. There is a lot of unregulated content on the internet. Even respectable sources have posted some questionable advice. Where did their research come from? Has it been replicated? Was the study large enough to be statistically relevant?
  • The most recent recommendation is to wear a face mask any time you’re away from home. If you are able to sew and have some fabric on hand, here are a few patterns to try. The best fabric is tightly woven but still breathable. If you’re going to add a filter, make sure it is in between layers of cotton fabric, not directly on your face, so you don’t inhale any fibers from the filter. If you can’t make your own, there are many places to buy fabric masks online, some of which benefit vulnerable populations. If you can’t get one fast enough now that demand is so high, contact me; I will be trying to knock out some extras as my family permits.
  • Eat healthy food, but don’t beat yourself up about having treats. We could all use some treats right now. Check out my homemade Sourdough Boule for an easy, detailed introduction to sourdough bread making or how about making some homemade bone broth now that you’re at home all day to tend it? It makes a great, nourishing congee (rice porridge).
  • Feeling productive? Be productive. Need to rest extra today? Trauma is exhausting. Go back to bed, or curl up on the couch with your pets, loved ones, or all alone.

Please reach out if you need help for any reason.