AHA Fans

Here are some of the kind words my patients have shared about me:

Jessica helped me immensely when I was passing through Seattle and in great need of pain relief and mobility assistance regarding back issues. I cannot begin to fathom her intuition and knowledge, as I was a new patient and, honestly, close to losing hope for any effective care and results. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I walked out of her office a hopeful, happy, relieved, and, most importantly, a free-moving person. I felt very safe in her space and under her hands (and needles and cups!), and I am so grateful for the generosity of her good listening and healing touch. She made it all feel so natural and easy while obviously doing deep, specific work. Jessica answered any questions clearly and seamlessly understood when I needed quiet rest. I wish I lived in Seattle because I’d go to her for all health issues and general health maintenance.

~ Toby

About a year ago, I became a client of Jessica Timins. I was impressed by her caring nature, her intelligence, and her wonderful sense of humor. Her needling was always gentle, and she explained things in terms I could understand. She took the time to learn about my diet and lifestyle and gave suggestions on how to make choices that would be better for my health.

Since seeing Jessica, my energy has risen, my digestion has improved, and the best part is, I finally got my proof that alternative therapies work for endometriosis! My last two ultrasounds showed that a 9CM ovarian endometrioma (that had remained the size of a grapefruit for over 2 years) had shrunk down to about 3.5 CM! Without surgery! Jessica was really able to get that healing energy to flow! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to move towards better health! She is wonderful!

~ Dorothy

If you haven’t tried acupuncture before, all I can say is you don’t know what you are missing. When I first started seeing Jessica, I had enormous amounts of pain in my whole arm. The relief I felt from the acupuncture has been incredible. Working on a computer all day and checking in a checkstand takes its toll on my arm yet my arm has never gone back to the extreme pain I was feeling. Jessica has helped me keep the pain away plus she has helped with back pain, reflux (heartburn, which I don’t have anymore), ankle arthritis and those horrible colds that keep going around (I never get them as bad or very long). That is just a short list of what Jessica has helped me with and it is very exciting to pursue a natural (non-medicated) way to maintaining great health.

~ Laurell

Jessica isn’t your average acupuncturist. She’s very real and down-to-earth, and has a great way of balancing the more “woo woo” aspects of eastern medicine with good ol’ common sense.

I’ve been to acupuncturists who think they need to really dig into your channels for it to work, but Jessica isn’t of that school of thought. She always says “your qi will tell me how deep to place the needle, and I’ll only place it that far.” As a result of her sensitivity my treatments have been really comfortable and relaxing.

I’ve personally been treated for a number of things by her for over 2 years, and working with her has cured health issues that western medicine and naturopathy weren’t making inroads on. Highly recommended.


Jessica is amazing. Honestly. I am not one to use hyperbole either.

With family in many parts of the medical profession, I was always taught to turn to medicine, surgery, and other typical treatments for my maladies. When my doctor suggested antidepressants or acupuncture for a particular malady, I decided that this would be the first time I’d try the Eastern medicine route before the Western one.

From my first visit, I have been so impressed with her professional demeanor, her quality of work, her gentleness in spirit and touch, and her tenacity at wanting to help me get back on the road to health. Before I came in the first time, she asked why I was coming to see her so I told her the rare, and sensitive, condition. During the initial visit (aka I tell her my life story and we try and figure out how my body got as screwed up as it is), she asked me many questions that you wouldn’t know to ask unless you had spent time (as I had) scouring the internet and reference books. She cared enough – and took the time – to know what to ask and see what other practitioners had to say. I felt respected and dignified, something I hadn’t felt when doctors of Western medicine turned me away saying it would get better with time. I am truly grateful for Jessica and would recommend her to my family and closest friends without hesitance.


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