I provide a gentle and practical approach to healing.

  • Gentle techniques: Acupuncture doesn’t have to hurt. I’m here to work with you and respond to your individual needs/sensitivities when it comes to technique.
  • Focus on listening: You are the expert on your body. I ask lots of questions and listen closely to your answers. I also listen to your body to feel for points and problem areas intuitively.
  • Respect: Everyone is different, so I never assume that I’m the ultimate expert. However, I do pay attention to the latest research and evidence in my fields, and I apply my knowledge with humility.
  • Real life perspective: When it comes to personal choices such as how much caffeine to consume, I don’t preach. I offer practical advice that respects the realities of your life.
  • Encouragement: You are responsible for your own health. I provide information and suggestions, not mandates. You make the decisions.

A Typical Session

massageThere really isn’t a typical session, but you can expect to begin with a lot of talking, especially at the first session. I’ll ask you about your treatment goals and gather information about your health history. Then I’ll take your pulses, examine your tongue, and do some gentle palpation of your limbs. I may also ask your permission to palpate your belly.

Once I’ve made a diagnosis, we’ll talk about a course of treatment. I will then treat you with acupuncture and possibly also with cupping, guasha, or other treatments. Before you leave, I’ll offer recommendations for diet, exercise, herbal remedies, or other changes as appropriate to your needs. We will discuss these options and make a plan that works for your lifestyle. Appointment time is an hour, including our interview and treatment.

Still have questions? Try my FAQ. Or read more about Safety & Confidentiality policies. Details about Fees and Insurance can be found on the Scheduling & Fees page, where you can also schedule an appointment.