Special Dyes and Magnetic Nanotechnology Visualize the Meridians

Studies have shown for years now that acupuncture points conduct light, electricity, and sound better than the rest of the body, but no one could find visible proof of how or why. Until 7 years ago–or 50, depending on who you ask.

Research has shown the existence of tiny physical structures which follow the paths of the channels or meridians that acupuncturists use for treatment. They are named Bonghan ducts, after the Korean researcher, Bong Han Kim, who first visualized the structures with a special dye. He never shared his research, leaving his work unreplicated and therefore unvalidated by western science. The ducts were  visualized decades later, in 2005, again with dye, and began their acceptance into the scientific world. A second method utilizing magnetic nanoparticles was published in 2007. Bonghan ducts appear similar to lymphatic vessels and correspond with the major points and pathways that East Asian Medical Practitioners have been using for millenia. DNA flows through these ducts, just as qi flows through the meridians.

Science finally catches up to what people have known on a different level for millenia. What’s next?