A Natural Solution for Mild Digestive Complaints

Fresh Ginger Tea is a simple solution for mild digestive issues, including nausea, infrequent vomiting of clear fluid, stomachache, and indigestion.  It’s easy to make, has no side effects, and works naturally with your body to soothe your belly. Ginger Tea is non-toxic and safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. It even has an anti-toxin property and has been used in East Asian Medicine for thousands of years to help detoxify other herbs.

Shēng Jiāng 生姜

Fresh Ginger Tea is best for stomach conditions that come from cold. How can you tell?

  • Does your stomach feel better with the application of warmth (from your hands, a heating pad, a hot water bottle, etc)?
  • Does your stomach feel better when you gently press your hands over it?

Cold conditions improve with heat and often with pressure as well. How does one end up with a cold condition? Over-consumption of cold, raw foods and drinks is the main culprit, according to East Asian Medicine. One might also have had a prolonged exposure to cold or a draft which resulted in cold invading the interior of the body.

How to brew Fresh Ginger Tea:

  • Slice up fresh ginger root, about 2 inches’ worth of root the diameter of your thumb.
  • Add to 3 cups of cold water.
  • Bring the water to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Serve warm, with honey if sweetener is desired. Store leftover tea in the fridge and reheat to serve.

You can adjust the strength and spiciness of the tea by increasing or decreasing the amount of ginger root. You can also cook with fresh ginger root if you have chronic digestive issues. It is traditionally used in many East Asian cultures as a spice as well as a medicinal to improve overall digestion, not to mention flavor.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms of abdominal pain or vomiting, please contact a healthcare professional. Here’s to your digestive health!