Jessica Timins Greenberg, EAMP

I’ve spent the past decade studying pathways to whole body health, from acupuncture and herbs to meditation and yoga. I am an East Asian Medical Practitioner, previously titled a licensed acupuncturist, with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM). I am also a certified teacher of Hatha and Kundalini yoga. I have completed yoga teacher training with Aadil Palkhivala of Purna Yoga and 3HO through Yoga West in Vancouver, B.C. I have completed DONA-approved training as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, as well as pre and postnatal yoga teacher training with Colette Crawford at Seattle Holistic Center.  In addition, I am NADA certified to treat addiction with acupuncture.



Artemesia Healing Arts is dedicated to supporting whole body health in the lives of patients. I see health as a constant process. It’s about balancing all the components of the self — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — through a wide variety of means. Even the smallest change can make a big difference. I seek to partner with my patients, combining our training with your innate knowledge of what you need. I draw on my intuition and a wide range of healing modalities to provide fresh approaches that resonate and lead to substantive improvements in health, happiness, and well-being.


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